Hurtgen Meadows Farm

About Hurtgen Meadows Farm

Tom Hurtgen was born and raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm and is returning to his farming roots after 40 years of working in an office for Eastman Kodak and Duke Medical Center. Tom has grown a large family garden and has been a woodworker for most of his life. The farm was started in 2001 and has marketed quality horse hay since then. Garden crops were added in 2008 and cut flowers were added in 2009.

Our gardens occupy about 2 acres of our 14-acre farm. Nearly all of the land is tillable and is in vegetable crops, cut flowers or hay. We use organic matter as fertilizer and use other sustainable practices including composting and cover cropping. Synthetic herbicides and pesticides are not used.

Our farm has the drive and commitment of land, equipment and human resources to grow our operation. We practice organic methods but have not yet acquired certification. We continue to advance our market farming interests and abilities to produce quality produce and flowers in a sustainable manner.